“Art that Sticks!”

Art that Sticks
Description: 1st Annual Vinyl Sticker Swap Challenge

Students create a custom 3” x 3” circle logo which is a symbol of your love of art
This can reflect their love of drawing, painting, graphic design, 3D art, photo, graphic art, and much more.


1 Winner will be selected from each site in a juried competition.
Art teachers from all SRVUSD high schools and middle schools will vote for their favorite from each site to determine the winners.

Winning design will be printed and swapped at each school site with 1,000 stickers produced!

Design Criteria:
Design must be a 3” x 3” circle
Must include one of the following words “Art”, “Artist”, or “Art is here”
Must include the year “2018”
May NOT include School name, initials, or district name
Open to all Art Students and students outside of our programs
Work you have previously created is ok for submission
Work can be designed in any art material and photographed or designed digitally
1 design submission maximum per student

Design Suggestions: Use fonts that pop and are easy to read.
Consider using colors that create strong contrast with your design to make your text stand out.

Submission Instructions: Submissions must be received by Friday February 9th 
Title your file “last name_firstname_school name” Ex: “Burke_Elizabeth_SRVHS”

To submit you will go to the following google survey which will request you to upload a photo of work as well as include your information. You must login to this submission survey using your school email.sticker challenge2

Winner Prize: Winners from each site will have their design printed on 1,000 stickers and receive a free set of stickers from all participating sites!

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