Art and Fashion Club

DVHS Art and Fashion Club is a place where all passionate artists in the school can participate in artistic activities and contribute to fostering the creative environment on campus. What if you are not currently enrolled in the school art program? No worries, because Art Club provides an opportunity to any student that enjoys the visual arts, and would like to share the fun of art with others! Even if you do not feel confident about your art skill, Art Club will always welcome you into the family. This is exactly the platform where artists of all skill levels are able to collaborate, communicate, and improve together, while having fun! Be pART of the family with us, do not miss out on the fun of art!


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    • Michelle Li
    • Jonathan Chen
    • Emily Her
    • Tannya Tang
    • Parnjit Bath (FB: Palm Bath)
    • Brandon Shi


Winter Holiday cards

In order to spread the warmth and love of the Winter Holiday Season, Art Club held workshops to make heart-warming cards for hospitalized children. Many students joined in this activity and produced many beautiful and lovely cards.  

Blue Pearl

As one of the most “fancy” dances at DVHS, “Blue Pearl” offered jazzy music, colorful drinks, and most importantly to complete the atmosphere, the elegant city light posters that decorated the dance. Art Club volunteered to make the posters, and the members worked diligently to make spectacular pieces. The fine lines and the careful details surely made it a pleasant and plausible work of art!

Valentine Grams

During the month of February where the sweet scent of love floated in the air, Art Club offered Valentine grams for sale. Art Club held a few workshops after school, and was finally able to have all the grams completed, organized, and sent to students during class. They were lovely watercolor bookmarks accompanied by some sweet treats. Nothing is more thoughtful than sending someone you care about, a gorgeous piece of art with a custom message expressing your appreciation for them!

Lip Dub

Art Club also participates in the DV lip dub video! To help us stand out, we held a workshop to create the poster to represent us during the lip dub. Members collaborated on the poster and each put distinctive thoughts into the design of the poster and the decorative drawings.